Saving the climate!
Climate change starts with you!

About CarbonHero

Emitting less CO2 is ideal, however there is an additional action you can take to vastly improve your carbon footprint – compensate for it!

CarbonHero is your full service solution for climate compensations – we provide compensation products that you understand and that relate to your life, empowering you to make a difference!

Your purchase will offset your activity using only accredited action projects. We only work with the most reliable and trustworthy providers from all around the world.

By offsetting your activity you eliminate the damage that this activity is causing the planet.

Download the app, reduce your environmental impact and become a Carbon Hero!


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Christmas Edition

Who doesn’t overindulge a little at Christmas time? But have you ever wondered what your activities over the holiday season mean for the climate?

Make your celebration carbon-neutral by offsetting the CO2 you can’t avoid to add to the atmosphere!

Decide how you want to offset your emissions. Choose between two different categories of climate initiatives: Forrest Protection and Renewable Energy. Purchase your compensation and get information on the climate project used to neutralise your emissions.

Some of our Climate Initiatives

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Meet the team behind CarbonHero

Andreas Riedel
Hannah Funk
Head of Science
Simon Allen
Vasco Conde
Lead Developer
Filipe Meirinhos