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CarbonHero is the easy solution to implement climate offsetting in your product or website

Helping the climate in a nutshell...

Easy to integrate solution
Make climate protection a part of your existing product or website with the fast to implement CarbonHero solution.
Make an impact with your users
Help your users go carbon neutral and set yourself apart from the market by doing something good.
The best: it’s free to implement
The CarbonHero solution is free of charge for publishers. Please contact us for more information about the current early-access program.

About CarbonHeroOur mission is to make climate offsetting easy and convenient for publishers

How it works


Integration in Checkout Process


CarbonHero provides businesses with a full service solution, integrated into their payment process online, that allows customers to make their primary purchase carbon neutral.

CarbonHero provides an easy to implement SDK and a self service console that enable publishers to set up climate compensation within ~1 day.

CarbonHero provides a backend that automatically purchases and invalidates climate certificates. Invalidation of certificates ensures reliable offsetting of the desired CO2 amount. Acquisition and invalidation are monitored by TÜV Austria.

CarbonHero hosts a comprehensive engine to calculate emissions for a wide range of activities.

CarbonHero curates a list of high quality climate action projects which all are required to achieve highest levels of independent certification, e.g. „The Gold Standard by WWF“.

CarbonHero is free of charge for publishers.


Climate OffsettingHow does it work?

Our lifestyle causes greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions act globally and are the
 main contributor to climate change and global warming.

The neutralisation of CO2 by climate action projects that reduce
 greenhouse gas emissions is called offsetting.

Climate certificates represent a fixed amount of 
emissions being reliably neutralised from the 
atmosphere by a climate action project.

Showcase AppGive climate offsetting a try!

Our showcase iPhone app CarbonXmas highlights many features of the CarbonHero backend in a playful user-friendly way.

These offset categories are being calculated by our fully functional backend:

♻     Electricity consumption

♻     Shipments

♻     Air travel

♻     Car travel

♻     Hotel stays and holiday packages

♻     Food consumption

♻     Shopping


The app includes purchase processing and international VAT handling.

The checkout process is completed by customer invoicing and PDF climate certificate generation.

Additionally the app highlights a few sample climate action projects including copy text, image gallery and certification standard.

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Some of our climate action projects

Meet the team behind CarbonHero

Andreas Riedel
Hannah Funk
Head of Science
Simon Allen
UX/UI Designer
Vasco Conde
Lead Developer
Henry Quiñones
Head of Business Development

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