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Wind energy, Changbin Taichung, Taiwan

Wind energy, Changbin and Taichung, Taiwan

Contribution to the sustainability of the economy of Taiwan by reducing the dependency on fossil fuel imports. This windfarm project is constructed and operated by InfraVest Wind Power Group. The project comprises 45 wind turbines for Changbin and 23 additional turbines for Taichung, each with a capacity of 2.3 MW. At full capacity, the aggregated output of the project is expected to be of 507 GWh/year, which is to be delivered to the state-owned power grid, Taipower.

Accordingly, the project will lead to carbon dioxide emission reduction since it will avoid the use of fossil fuels. The project produces clean, renewable energy without contributing to global climate change. The annual emission reduction is estimated to be 352,991 t CO2-equivalents.



  • Verification: SGS United Kingdom Ltd:
  • Type: Gold Standard VER, Nr. 472
  • Total volume: 2,470,937 t CO2-equivalents